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Welcome to Everything Stout. We provide top news from India and other countries. We always update about Entertainment, Movie Review, Technology, National and International News.

Monu Jasiya is the founder and admin of this website. He happy for launch this website in July 2019. He loves to share his knowledge with everyone and provide genuine news to readers.

Monu Jasiya succeeded in “Civil Services Examination” in 1998. Subsequently, Monu Jasiya stayed on many important and high positions in the Government of India, including the post of private secretary of India’s immediate Vice President / President, Dr. Sajhi Gayal Gupto for Six years. You have the unique experience of meeting the 19 universities of the world and the students there. Monu Jasiya is the guest faculty of many prestigious educational institutions in the country. You have written many books, including Best Reader Book ‘Read To Read’. Your program ‘Perpetual Successful Hanuman’ and ‘Janhan Ki Moti’ have been extremely popular on ‘Fee HagaJan’ and ‘Mee News’.

Under the guidance of Monu Jasiya, many students are employed on many high posts today by passing “Civil Services Examination”. Monu Jasiya had voluntarily retired from the post of Additional Director General in 2015, so that he can devote his full time to guide the younger generation.